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Baby of Abid

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital


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"For the past five months, my wife and I have been shuttling between the hospital and our home to save our son. Looking at the struggle we’ve been going through, our relatives have even told us to give up on him. But we can’t do that. He’s our son and we are determined to save him at any cost.” – Munawar

Abid can only survive with a liver transplant as his liver is completely damaged. He doesn’t have much time left, but his father has no money for the transplant.

“Abid was born with a underdeveloped liver since birth and has had frequent health issues. There hasn’t been a week since his birth that we haven’t been to the hospital. My husband is an AC mechanic and has to be on the field everyday so that we get fed. I’m alone with Abid in hospital most of the time.” – Fahmeena.

Abid underwent Kasai procedure to remove the blockage. It was the only way to prevent his liver from damaging. However, the procedure has not helped. A liver transplant is the only possible cure for this little one. By the time Abid underwent the kasai procedure, his liver was completely damaged and so the surgery wasn’t helpful. He gets severe infection due to which his entire body turns pale. He throws up all the milk and medicines, as his body cannot digest food. He needs to be taken to the hospital every 10-12 days.

Abid’s uncle is a suitable donor for the transplant but his parents need your help to meet the transplant expenses.

“Abid cries all day because of the pain and we are helpless as nothing we do seems to help. I see other children of his age always laughing and giggling. But my son has only known pain since he was born. I want to put an end to his pain but with no funds left, I’m afraid I won’t be able to.” – Fahmeena.

Munawar is an ac mechanic earning just enough to run the family. He has spent Rs 1.75 lakhs so far by borrowing from others to help Abid, but even that wasn’t enough. With his son’s deteriorating health, Munawar hasn’t been able to go to work regularly. He’s desperately seeking for help.

Abid total's treatment costs is a staggering 16,00,000 and his parents don't have anything left. 

Dr Ankur Garg, Reg No: MMC 2019031077 is the treating Abid at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai.

With a little help from you Abid too can get a normal childhood. Donate Now and save his life.

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